Thursday, February 16, 2012

Each Other's Way

Until now we walked the same path the same way
So let me tell you
Nobody knows that
Still in my heart

Always watching from the shadows,
Accepting our mutual existance
I keep these unchangeable feelings
Mixed with destiny

You can't yet say a bold 'Goodbye'
Our journey still isn't over
There's the future
There's our hopes
I believe in these

You can go your way, I'll always be here
I'll always be with you in your heart
Don't look back yet
To the days spent together
So we can keep shining,
This is each other's way...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music @ HYLI January 2012

Hello everyone.

the road taken..

I am sure that this entry is not what you are waiting for, in fact the slot formerly known as 'Carta HYLI' (HYLI goes for 'Hidup Yang Lebih Indah' in case you forget it) is the least popular slot/column in this blog.

At times, I wonder how many people actually watch the listed songs or download it from Never mind about that, the column returned this year with new features and improvements (I think so) so that all of you can enjoy the taste of music (popular, exclusive or underrated songs). Haha.