Friday, July 3, 2015


Have you ever wonder
Of what might have been?

What if I did that
And what if I did that
And what if I did that, too
Will things turn out differently?

It is about making choices
What to do
Where to go
How to do
When to go

Sometimes I am worried
Doubts crept up
Fear was raised

What choice did I have
Can I make the right one
Will I regret my choice

There were times
I decided the right way
Because I know
Because I believe

Then there were times
I wrongly decided
Because I am naive
Because I am inexperienced

The option that I put my faith on
The choice that seems the best that day
Ended up with failure
I blame myself
and I stop believing

Forgive me
If I ever doubt Your Words
If I have turn my back on You
Because I forgot
Your promise are the truth
Your wish are absolute

It is just that
My turn is not coming yet
Just work hard
Just pray harder
May it will come soon
As soon as You decide that
I'm good to go

Now please show me
The right way
The best choice
For me
and for those by my side
So that one day
I can come across
That thing called happiness

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