Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A not serious Confession: I am subbing Japanese PV!

It is a confession.

an example of simple subbed video [credit to port87]

Well, to start if I came across a decent Japanese song, I will try to find if someone has sub the video clip or the promotional video, (PV) as they call it there. 

This is a special case which I felt very frustrated and disappointed after some futile searching. With some added free time in my day prompt me to sub the video clip for this song. You just need an okay-quality video, a decent translation (not google translated by the way) and the specific programs for the purpose: Aegisub and Virtual Dub.

1st project teaser....

Once you get a grip of this subbing process, it was quite easy (This is one of the thing you can learn via Google, lol). Timing the lines of words with the time of words said on the video can be considered the bread and butter of subbing. The hardest part of subbing videos is actually putting karaoke effect on the lines so that the timing of karaoke effect fits the time the words come across. I can understand why some fansubbers skip this. Some fansubbers also did it in a group of 2 or 3 people. 

I just did it to fill some of my free time. So don't expect regular updates from me. I also probably will not take any request, sorry. I will also just sub videos which i am pretty sure that nobody has worked on it yet. Way to crush your hope, if you have any to begin with. After all, we live in hope..

Just wait for it, okay. 

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