Saturday, June 21, 2014

Leo Ieiri - Sabrina [PV] [Eng Sub]


The first one up is a song titled Sabrina, sung by Leo Ieiri.

cover for single Sabrina

Still only 19, Leo Ieiri is an upcoming singer-songwriter. So far she has released 6 singles and 2 full length albums. She left her home in Fukouka and came to Tokyo. The singer-songwriter bit reminded me of a certain singer-songwriter (who always carry around a guitar)..

The song..
Sabrina (サブリナ) was Leo's debut single. The song was also used as the third ending theme for the anime series Toriko. The song was rocking enough and quite catchy but sometimes i felt that the chorus are a bit repetitive towards the end.

The screenshot

Lyrics and translation are taken from here and here.
Subbed by @Din_diet

The Link
Link 1 or Link 2

Thank You for the attention.
Sorry for any inconvenience since this is my first attempt at fansubbing.

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