Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GRANRODEO - Hengen Jizai no Magical Star [PV Eng Sub]


The third project is up. Another anime related song by GRANRODEO.

for anime watchers Kuroko's Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke) is highly recommended!

Formed in 2005, GRANRODEO is a rock band composed of the voice actor, KISHOW and the guitarist, e-ZUKA. They usually composed songs for anime soundtracks. The anime series which have used their songs as the opening theme and soundtracks including Kuroko's Basketball, Blassreiter and Code Breaker.

The song..
Hengen Jizai no Magical Star (変幻自在のマジカルスター) is the 21st single released by GRANRODEO. It was used as the 4th opening theme for the anime series Kuroko's Basketball. GRANRODEO previously contributed all the previous 3 opening theme for the series. The song was an upbeat one but at the same time you can hear the sadness throughout the song.

The screenshot

Lyrics and translation taken from and grimmfeather.wordpress.
Subbed by @Din_diet 

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hakim sanji said...

wah...can i request? GReeeeN's PV please? ahha

Din_diet said...

lol! lagu mana?