Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011/01: Sorry, Privacy Always Be There

Greetings everyone.

How are you doing guys? Looks like we are already 11 days into year 2011, most probably the last year before The End come upon us. This is my first official entry in English for this blog, and the first entry in 2011. You can say that this is also a rant.


Define privacy.

privacy /"prIv@si, "prVI-/ · n. a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by others. Ø freedom from public attention.

So that is. So what is happening when you find yourself breaking over this so called barrier named privacy. The privacy supposed to be an area when there should be no one unauthorized to step in.

But it has been found recently that privacy is individualized. That means different people have different views on things called privacy. Some people are very public, they reveal almost their daily activities through facebooks, twitter, blogs and others (we called them celebritiesque). Celebrities and politicians however must have a loose setting of privacy, so that people can always check and balance them. If you caught red handed, thats the end of you maybe.

There are also people who define privacy as selfness. It looks just that you do your own damn things and others do their own world. Maybe these people dislike interference in their world, or any attempts on changing the setting. The lesson is showing our attention to others means that we are busy body whingers.

Conclusion: Things that are just a nothing for us maybe very big for others.


Even though thou dont want him around, yet he still stick into thee, does not matter if even thou thinking "What the heck is this bastard doing" or "im sick of this". Yet he try to be as useful as he can, so that he can help thee whenever thou stuck in mud. He does not hope for anything, he does not care what thou's perception on him but he is still there and always be there, forcing his way to be acknowledged by thee. Remember a certain Uzumaki Naruto?

Friends are supposed to be there always, helping in trouble, offering shoulder to lean and watching each others backside. He will always be there. Hopefully.


I am sorry. If I have done anything wrong, please forgive me. Please tell me what I done wrong and let me know it, so that I wont repeat the mistake again.

Oh there is still the past. But there is no time machine for me to go back to the past and redo that and that. That time we are still crybabies. Now hopefully we are more than just kids. Then the only way is forward. However, we can still change the future. Maybe its hard to forget the past but the time is moving. You should too.

P/S: Girls (women) does not forgive easily? Wondering if it is like this, then it will be like that.

That's all.


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3 in one?

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lea: 3 in 1 eh.tak elok utk kesihatan.

hakim: sasukeh..