Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011/02: The Lucky, The Unlucky and The Luckless

Greetings bro & sis.

Another English entry, just.


Lucky people will find almost everything right in their way, as they desired. Some do not even need to put much effort but they get it done, while some worked enough with guts, and then the world is running with them. Everything is suddenly in their places.

Solution: You will not always get lucky. A sudden change in fortune is just around the corner. This is just a test from Him to see if you become better or worse.


It is either a hit or miss. This person will find it though because they have not enough charm, although they have worked very hard. Things are not going easy, but somehow he or she should be able to grasp the success the next time.

Solution: Works harder next time, pray hard too. Hope and effort is equally crucial. Even Einstein have his own problems. Luck is sure to be on your side the next time. If not, the next next time.


They will find everything they do and they wish for are not as good as they want. They will most likely to suffer more, because everything they do never work. They never receive their reward although they deserve to get them.

Solution: You are being tested, in fact the hard way. Dont back down. Keep your head up, no matter what comes. The struggles may make you a better one.


chanz said...

in a rpg game, i choose strength & agility over luck. dont really rely on luck much..

Din_diet said...

same dude..but in real life we do need luck.really need it.